Redefining Entrepreneurship

Xanadu Enterprises, Inc. was created as an exploratory venture in 2011 as the foundation for developing new ideas into products or services.  Based in California, our team comes from diverse backgrounds and we are as passionate as we are creative.  Our organization is segmented into the following service offerings:
  • Consulting Services - With 7 years of consulting experience, the CS division is committed to providing sound mentorship in the licensing compliance and intellectual property space.  We currently provide consulting services for one of the world's largest software manufacturers and are looking to leverage our expertise to build our client portfolio.
  • Mobile Software - Brainstorming new and creative applications for mobile devices, our MS division is our newest service offering and the one we are most excited about.  Our conceptual design team have identified new opportunities for "apps" - that have the capability to redefine facets of our every day lives.
  • Consumer Products - Similar to our MS division, CP focuses on new product development in the consumer space.  CP is dedicated to deploying inventive ideas for specific markets.

Contact us for information on opportunities to create and get involved.